Chart from your iPad with PsychChart: customizable iOS software for Psychologists and Psychiatrists to complete charting tasks in minutes.

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PsychChart is a fully comprehensive and intuitive tool for Psychologists and Psychiatrists. It's simple to use, fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant. PsychChart is ready for all 2020 Code Changes and the latest release of iOS.

PsychChart: Chart from your iPad.


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    Stop doing paperwork!

    Complete a progress note in minutes

    • Complete note taking between clients
    • No waiting "until later" to finish reports
    • Keeps track of billing
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    Absolutely Secure

    Secure encryption protects your clients data

    • Worry free even if your iPad is lost or stolen
    • Redundant off site backups completely encrypted
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    HIPAA compliant

    Up to date with the latest changes

    • Prepared for 2015 code changes
    • Database complies with new codes
    • PsychChart users won't miss a beat

  • What Our Clients Say


    PsychChart helps me stay on top of my billing. I've been looking for a charting app this thorough for a long time!

    --- Rebecca
  • What Our Clients Say


    I usually have 10 minutes between clients. PsychChart allows me to do all the charting necessary for each client in that amount of time.

    --- Nancy
  • What Our Clients Say


    I focus on a specific area of family counseling. PsychChart allows me to customize every list to fit the criteria I reference the most. It makes charting fast and accurate.

    --- Aurora

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Tech 4 Tomorrow is a small company with diverse experience in networking, computer security and program development. We are dedicated to the best coding, user interface, and security in the industry


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Our team has considerable experience with a variety of database packages and can assist with database design, setup, administration, and recovery.


user assistance

We can support your users either by providing assistance to existing help desk staff or by assisting your users directly. Although we support all users, our expertise is with networking and Unix based (especially Apple's MacOS) systems.


computer security

With the current internet environment, proactive computer security is a necessity for every business. We have experience setting up network firewall devices, email forwarders and scanners, performing security audits, and configuring and monitoring centralized user directories.


app development

We have team members that have been developing on Apple platforms since 1986. Our team has developed apps for several vertical-markets including education (specifically early language development) and transportation. Tech for Tomorrow is preparing to release our first commercial iOS app, PsychChart, for psychologists.


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We have development custom enterprise software to meet your user requirements. A custom software package can save your business time and money as well as enforce your requirements.


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Tech For Tomorrow, Inc., provides many customer support services including IT consulting, computer security review and consulting, and user help desk assistance.


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Our members forum will be available in the near future. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date.


Blog posts

Stay in the know about the latest news and developments on PsychChart.

article Dx10 Finder 2.6.0 has been released 30 Nov

• Updated for the 2021 ICD10 data (which contains over 800 changes released by CMS). As always, updates are free to our customers, needs no internet access, and does not have ads. Visit Dx10 Finder in the App Store.

article PsychChart 1.8.0 has been released 30 Nov

We are pleased to announce that PsychChart 1.8.0 has been released. This release incorporates many enhancements for iPads with FaceID as well as iOS14 enhancements. Reworked the recent appointment interface. Updated the resources and included a feature/setup guide. Fully supports dark mode and multiple windows on devices which support those features. Visit PsychChart in the […]

article PsychChart 1.5.0 has been released 21 May

This release of PsychChart has over 30 enhancements including: Built-in file import using the file browser, enhanced security, backup failsafe protection, better calendar appointment integration, better contact display including access to the client’s contacts, many user interface improvements, removed duplicate diagnosis entries, and reports can now be generated for different paper sizes with improved formatting. […]

article PsychChart 1.3.2 Introduces new features 26 Nov

PsychChart 1.3.2 will be released shortly. We have added support for recording sex identity and birth sex which are both provided with billing support reports. We used guidelines provided by trans groups for inclusive recording of information. In addition, we have provided a free format gender identity which is not included in billing reports. There […]

article Tech For Tomorrow, Inc has a new phone number. 22 Jul

You may now reach us toll-free at +1(877)999-8655. If you need App support, please press 1 and leave us a message including the App name, your contact info, and a short message describing the problem so that we can have the appropriate person address your issue. We appreciate your business.

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